Current members at Goldsmiths University of London


copy3Thomas Hein

PhD Student (ESRC funding)
Thomas investigates the impact of everyday experiences such as motivation, and prior expectations upon learning. By combining computational modelling with brain imaging methods, he aims to achieve a mechanistic understanding of the neural computations subserving how we interact with the world.

NayaP_photoPanagiota Polychrony

PhD Student (second supervisor)
Naya is researching the neurophysiological bases of meta-awareness during mind wandering with Devin Terhune and Maria Herrojo Ruiz. Aside from her interests in consciousness and metacognition, she is also interested in time perception and the sense of agency.

Esther_small_smaller2Lena Esther Ptasczynski

MSc student
Esther holds a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience of Music and is currently doing the MSc in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience. She is examining the role of dopamine in exploratory and reward-based motor learning using a Bayesian modelling approach.

serrayagis2Serra Yağış

MSc student
Serra holds a degree in engineering physics at Istanbul Technical University. Her research project focuses on Bayesian modelling of learning and decision making in anxiety.


Caroline Connell HeadshotCaroline Connell

MSc student
TMS and Motor Learning

AgatheAgathe Fauchille

MSc student
Agathe is a neuroscientist, whose research interests revolve around the neural correlates of perception, awareness and consciousness. She has a particular passion for art, and how these processes are involved in aesthetic experiences and creativity.

Viqar Ahmad

MSc student
Resting state EEG

headshotSasha Koushk-Jalali

MSc student
Sasha has a performance degree from the Royal Academy of Music, and works as a classical musician in and around London. His research project focuses on the use brain stimulation techniques to modulate error-monitoring during piano performance.

Photo_Alenina_1Evgeniya Alenina

Visiting MSc student from Tomsk University
Zhenya is a 2nd year student of the MSc course in Human Development: Psychology, Genetics and Neuroscience at Tomsk State University (Russia). She is particularly interested in Anxiety and Cognitive Neuroscience.

BiancaBianca Iacono

Visiting research assistant from University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
Bianca has a degree in Clinical Psychology at University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” in Naples. Currently engaged as a research assistant in a post-graduate internship in neuroscience.


Former members at Goldsmiths University of London


copy3Letizia Gionfrida

PhD Student
Neuro-feedback, Machine Learning


copy3Gabriela Perez

Visiting PhD Student
Auditory Processing, Music Cognition

Georgina Floridou

Visiting PostDoctoral Researcher
Music Imagery, Earworms

Sebastian Sporn

Research Assistant / Now PhD Student at Joe Galea’s Lab at Birmingham University
Motor Control, Sensorimotor Learning

Gabriely Bury

MSc Student
Neuroscience of Music Performance

Kristi von Handorf

MSc Student
Performance and Anxiety

Andrew Middleton

MSc Student
Performance and Anxiety


Former members at the Neurophysics Group of the Charité – University of Medicine Berlin


copy3Mihail Bogojeski

Research Assistant / Now PhD Student at the Machine Learning Group of the Technical University of Berlin
Machine Learning, Brain-Computer Interface

copy3Giorgos Michail

Research Assistant / Now PhD Student at the Multisensory group
Multisensory Integration, Cognitive Neuroscience