Our Team


Current members at Goldsmiths University of London


copy3Letizia Gionfrida

PhD Student
Neuro-feedback, Machine Learning


copy3Gabriela Perez

Visiting PhD Student
Auditory Processing, Music Cognition

Georgina Floridou

Visiting PostDoctoral Researcher
Music Imagery, Earworms

Sebastian Sporn

Research Assistant
Motor Control, Sensorimotor Learning

copy3Thomas Hein

Master Student / soon PhD Student
Attention, Decision-Making, Computational Neuroscience

Gabriely Bury

Master Student
Neuroscience of Music Performance

Kristi von Handorf

Master Student
Performance and Anxiety

Andrew Middleton

Master Student
Performance and Anxiety


Current members at the Neurophysics Group of the Charité – University of Medicine Berlin


copy3Mihail Bogojeski

Research Assistant
Machine Learning, Brain-Computer Interface

copy3Giorgos Michail

Research Assistant / Now PhD Student at the Multisensory group
Multisensory Integration, Cognitive Neuroscience